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My Story

This venture is a culmination of a couple decades of experiences that have gotten me to this point. I look back and it has been a bumpy, sometimes remote but incredibly awesome road and I know that I would have never gotten here without all of the places and people that have made me this woman I am today.

Likely thanks to my open-minded and supportive parents; I have never really followed the straight and narrow path, you see. I went to 2 high schools, 3 colleges (in six years), have had careers in landscape gardening, teaching, writing, teaching writing, public relations, marketing and sales, event planning, culinary tourism and coaching. And save for my time at summer camp with their very formal application process on pink and yellow paper, I have never been given a job because I applied for a particular position. I have always made a habit of seeking out those that are doing interesting and thoughtful things and they’ve take me on board, if not immediately, then eventually. I have traveled the world, lived on the West Coast, the East Coast, rural and urban corners and then one day I set out for a seaside village in Southern Italy by my self because I saw myself there.

In the process I have managed to see a bit of the world, maintain incredible relationships, and make enough money to live comfortably, not wanting for too much. At times I have sacrificed security for flexibility in my schedule and have learned that this usually works for me, but sometimes it doesn’t. I have also learned that I need structure in my day. I have worked way too hard for not enough money. I have nurtured my creative self and then forgotten it completely. I’ve managed home offices, complicated work environments, and varying commutes (3 minutes on foot to those that involve an ocean crossing).  I have shared homes, lived alone and then at times, not really known where home was at all. I’ve had my share of heartache and joy.

But through it all I have kept in mind the lifestyle I sought and how all the pieces could fit together to make it a reality, knowing that my life is multi-dimensional.  I have paid attention to not losing myself in the struggle to make ends meet, to having the space and time to take care of myself and others, physically and spiritually, to what feeds me aesthetically, and to having the emotional support system around me that was necessary at each stage. When things no longer felt right, I moved on, sometimes not soon enough, and sometimes too soon, but I feel at this stage of my life I’ve got enough wisdom to share in helping others to create the lifestyle that they seek. Most of all I know that what you want is possible and that you need not be paralyzed by not knowing how to get there.

I have made mistakes, that is for sure. I am still learning and not nearly done with this journey. Today though, I take great comfort in listening to the messages of my gut and I feel I am doing the right thing in helping you to do the same.

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