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Changeless Challenge

In the last few days I repeatedly heard myself say, I’m not making any self-initiated changes for a year.ย  I’ve said it with conviction and anticipation. It might seem counter intuitive for a coach to making claims of no change and remaining status quo for a length of time. But the truth is, for me, this may be the challenge. I thrive on change, I love the challenge desiring something and figuring out a way to make it happen. The prize is in the process for me.

In the last year I’ve seen more than my fair of change (both self-initiated and not) and while it’s been a time of transformation in a lot of ways, I now need the time to integrate. I need a solid 9 months to a year to let things settle in, to get real comfortable in my routines and not throw on another layer of complexity that requires adjustment. So, no moving, no large purchases, no major new projects or brand new explorations. I will just meander along, continue doing what I’m doing professionally, personally, emotionally and get better at it. Get more at ease in it all and see what unfolds. Maybe change, maybe other things. There is such a sense of relaxation in this. A deep breath. A year of deep breaths.

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