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Taking the Back Door In

For the last several months I have been working with an incredibly talented massage therapist.  Together we are working on my body’s knots and tangles and where her life can be encouraged to move forward. It’s a wonderful exchange and I’ve learned that we actually approach the difficult stuff in a similar way—by backing off and trying from a different angle.

I’ve got a lot of junk going on around my right IT band and (Rachel, lets call her) was working on where this all jammed up around my knee. Ouch. Too much. And with that reaction from me, she backed off and worked it from higher up and lower down. Eventually, a few sessions later, we got back to the knee but in order to get there she needed to work out some other stuff first.

And this is exactly what happened when Rachel was sitting in my office hammering away at the difficult topic of her home life. Leave it, I suggested. Let’s focus on something else that’s easier, something where you can be successful and let that confidence back you into the meaty stuff at home. The next time I saw her she had taken steps towards some of her work goals, was feeling pretty good about it and had some new insights about how to address the issues at home.

Sometimes tackling your biggest fears head on, get you past them. But sometimes a more delicate approach can be equally successful. There is something to be said for sidestepping “the big one” and finding an opening through something else. It’s working with my own body tangles. Start with the easy stuff. Set yourself up for success.

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