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8 Seconds

This morning walking my dog I took notice, maybe for the first time ever, of the sign attached to the traffic light. There above the button you’re supposed to press to initiate change to a red light and a safe crossing time, was a metal sign explaining how it works. A few instructions. Press the button. Wait until you get the go ahead and cross. If you start, finishing crossing. Watch the countdown of seconds for a safe crossing before the light changes again. For each instruction there was a small illustration and next to the safe crossing countdown was the number 8. Suggesting that you have 8 seconds to cross the street.

8 seconds.

In a span of time lasting 8 seconds you can completely change your perspective. One side of the street to another. It takes 8 seconds only. Think of how many 8 second opportunities you have in one day. (I’m not going to do the math.) A lot. Make some of them count.

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