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Limits of Flexiblilty

During a Moving Forward. Being Still workshop the other week in East Greenwich, RI., I was leading a group though a discussion about three elements we find coming up again and again in the things we’re trying to achieve–in our lives and in our bodies. BALANCE. FLEXIBILITY. STRENGTH. Each play a role in getting us where we want to go physically and emotionally. I’ve given a lot of thought to the conversation that came out of Flexibility.

There are ways in which our bodies just are not flexible. No matter how much yoga or stretching you do, a part of your body may always be tighter than others. This may have been caused by an injury, your body structure or a certain amount of holding you’ve done in a particular part of your body over a long period of time. The same goes for in your life. There may be certain areas where you cannot bend. There may be boundaries around the flexibility you allow in. Call them deal breakers if you will. But whatever they are, these inflexibilities are there for a reason and they can be same reasons you’re inflexible in your body. You’re just built a certain way, a past experience has created a pattern in your thinking, you have been hurt. And maybe it’s ok. Pushing our limits of flexibility both in body and mind can be good. But acknowledging our limits and the reason they’re there is perhaps more valuable.

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