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Self Care Revisted

It is my belief that when a lot of people hear the words “self care” they roll their eyes and think we’re talking about being weak, mushy and totally incapable of taking on the world. I can’t stand this.

Self care doesn’t have to mean 7:00 am yoga classes and green smoothies. It doesn’t have to mean silent mediation retreats and journaling. The term absolutely doesn’t have to be wrapped up in a world of woo woo practices that people tell us that will improve our lives drastically.

No. Self care is simply doing the things that you need to do to keep yourself on an even keel. And these things don’t even have to be “wellness” related. Self care is folding your clothes and putting them away. Self care is having clean towels at the ready. Self care is writing a letter once a month because it makes you feel good. Self care is walking to the corner store every day. It is chit chatting with your neighbor, hosting a dinner party, hugging your nephew, getting in the woods, listening to loud music. What it is not is forcing yourself to do things because they are supposed to be good for you. Self care should be relaxing. Your self care practices may take some discipline, sure–that is actually making them a priority. But you’re not likely to stress themselves through something that makes you feel whole one you’re doing it.

Do these things. Do them often. Know what puts you on an even keel, feeling relaxed, and take it seriously. If you don’t, that’s when your health will actually be in jeopardy.

So, 10 things that make you feel calm and yourself….what are they? Just do them.

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