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Ginger Tea (add whiskey and love)

The season it is a changing folks. Finally. To keep yourselves bounding into spring with full force be sure to take extra care during this often wacky weather transition.

Have some ginger tea. Infuse it with a little (or a lot) of love.

A few weeks ago I was making some of this tea for a special someone laid up on the couch watching The Life Aquatic. When I looked down after cutting pieces of ginger for a bit, this is what was on my cutting board. It went in the pot.



Put a pot of cold water on the stove

Add a bunch of cut up ginger (maybe 4 inches worth)

Let it boil

Then add the zest of one lemon

(optional) Add one garlic clove, crushed

Steep for 7 minutes

Strain and serve

Add whiskey and love to taste

If you’re really down and out, Bill Murray movies help too.


Gratitude and Thanks

Please join me as I show my daily appreciation for the little thing for which I give thanks. Every morning for the next month I will be posting a photo and some words of gratitude on Instagram and Facebook.

Follow along and better yet, join. So far it’s a wonderful way to pause and reflect on the day ahead or the day that has passed and pull out the gems that keep me going.

Thankful for discovering this delightful bottle of wine and the company with which it was shared.

#gratitude #thankful @leighvincola

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