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I just want to say thank you to you for writing such an accurate and strong article on school food reform. You clearly listened and synthesized your research and understanding of the issues and it showed!! That’s not always the case so I wanted to say thank you.

K. Wetherill, RI

I cannot thank you enough for such a well written and impactful article. It was really appreciated – it’s been a long haul to get the farm focused on community and you captured that well.

J. Bristol Bristol, RI

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the great article you wrote about Lunar Teeth. It captures the event perfectly!

A. Anello New Bedford, MA

Leigh Vincola recently copyedited the manuscript of a memoir for me and did an extremely thorough job. She picked up the mechanical errors, but beyond that she made some very useful suggestions about organization and other less technical matters. She was also delivered the ms. on time as promised. I would most definitely use her again.

R. Colt Providence, RI

I have been a client of Leigh Vincola’s coaching business for the past four months. Leigh is a dynamic listener and caring professional with a wealth of firsthand experience to assist a client accomplish their goals, in my assessment. I can attest to her professionalism, strength of convictions and wit & wisdom that make coaching sessions productive but not preachy.

From the male perspective I have found Leigh to be engaging, well read and committed to her client with a touch of soft education on seeing the world from a female perspective. When I have asked specific questions the answers I have received have always been well researched and thought provoking. In today’s face paced world it is refreshing when one deals with professionals who respect time, follow up and make the effort to provide a service as advertised. True value for the money.

C. Widenmair Alberta, Canada

Working with Leigh has been incredibly supportive and helpful to me as I examine where I am in life and where I want to be.  As I approach 40, I’ve been wondering about choices I’ve made and if I was living the life I imagine for myself.  I was already working with a career coach but was realizing that I needed to look at other areas of my life like health, relationships and home.  Leigh walks you through all the rooms in your world and helps you to create a strategy to deal with each one.  She really heard me and affirmed me all while challenging me to move through the hard stuff and make decisions and create next steps.  I LOVE her recap she sends you each week–really comprehensive, bite-size work plans that are doable.   This work with her has pulled me out of my mid-life crisis and helped me feel good about where I am, who I am and what’s to come.

-L. Murray Boston, Mass.

Leigh, I am gaining so much perspective and learning so much about myself and what I need to be successful in my life through your coaching sessions. Thank you for this opportunity to engage with you and your unique and special gifts.

J. Ferguson Providence, RI

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